Protest Against Hong Kong Police's Revision of the Definition of "Media Representative"

Deployment on 23 September 2020

Try to Imagine a World Without Freedom of the Press....
Freedom of the press is an inherent right in the modern world; it is a birthright, it is not granted by others, and it should never be taken away. Since freedom of the press is guaranteed, volunteers are willing to give our time to contribute to Wikinews.

We do this because we love to share what we know and want to make it available to all who view it. We do so because we are not afraid to the great powers. We want to speak with courage and without interference, as a result to maintain neutrality that journalism deserves and to build free news sources that everyone can edit.

Yet right now, the Hong Kong Police are making decisions that could hurt this freedom of the press, which could potentially affect Wikinews; censor and even suppress the Hong Kong press and media....

If the definition of "Media Representative" in the Police General Orders is amended, the Hong Kong Police Force or the Hong Kong Government will no longer recognize the membership cards of the Hong Kong Journalists Association and the Hong Kong Press Photographers Association. This means that in the future, online media and student journalists may be considered as "Illegal Reporters". Chinese Wikinews owns at least two active journalists in Hong Kong. If they are to cover the streets or the scene of a breaking news story, it may constitute "Illegal Journalism" and prevent them from enjoying freedom of the press and freedom of the interview. The new arrangement is tantamount to an official licence, which gives them the right to suppress dissident media and prohibit them from doing so. This is contrary to our objectives.

Some photographers or photojournalists have also uploaded photos of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement to Wikimedia Commons, which may also constitute "Illegal Journalism".


In this regard, we strongly protest. If you have the same mind with us, please support our views by sharing and spreading them.